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here are many people around us who have the means and resources and want to help in order to create a better world for others. Especially, children when they are affected with massive disease and all their dreams and abilities come to an end, pious and kind hearted souls like you come to their rescue and show them the ray of hope. Such is the story of a young soul named Rutbah.

Rutbah a young girl of 7 years has been diagnosed with Gastric Cancer. When Rutbah was only six years old she had caught high fever followed by vomiting. Rutbah had undergone through ultrasound post which she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She is undergoing treatment at Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi where she has to undergo several tests. In order to cure the gastric cancer Rutbah has undergone gastric surgery which has already incurred a hefty amount of Rupees 2 Lakhs. Rutbah’s father Mr. Fyaz Ahmad works as a driver and earns a meagre amount of Rupees 6000 a month which would be extremely difficult for him to bear the entire expenditure. Her mother Mrs. Parveena is a housewife. Rutbah’s roots are from District Badgaw in Jammu and Kashmir. Rutbah’s parents are already in debt so we must help them in their endeavours.

Dream Girl Foundation is playing a significant role in finding donors for this young child who would liberate her from the shackles of poverty and bring back the bright smile on her face. Therefore, we urge you to donate funds for this noble cause and help Rutbah live a healthy and happy life. Let’s join hands together in helping Rutbah and triumph the battle. We have a firm belief that if more and more people like you come together we could help Rutbah providing her a better future. Rutbah and her family need our support and let’s provide them the resources for Rutbah to lead a healthy life. Let not the spirit of hope, compassion and kindness die within us.

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